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18 mars 2017 6 18 /03 /mars /2017 20:48

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Wide-ranging bathroom maintenance – any professional squad will sanitise any toilets and let the shine back in bathroom carpeting / flooring, tiles, shower room fittings, or anything else. Door eyeglasses and all of those other small details will in addition receive pro treatment utilizing eco-friendly detergents. Deep house cleaning – inside-out maintenance of creating meals appliances, drawers and cabinets. Door eyeglasses, window sills together with light switches can be polished to create a spick & extend look. Sleeping quarters, dining and living spaces – cleaning carpets together with floors together with dusting most of the general floors and walls, furniture, goes and doorstep frames. Steps, hallways, well-known areas – the removal of spider webs, dusting woodwork, maintenance and wiping skirting decks, hoovering together with mopping carpeting / flooring.